Citi Stars Tennis Academy

CitiStars Tennis Founders

Citi Stars Tennis aims to help your child pursue his/her highest tennis dreams. Citi Stars achieves this goal by giving individual attention to every child and focusing on each student's weakness. Other than tennis, there will be a great deal of attention placed on the physical and mental aspects of the game, which in many cases are just as important as technique.

Tennis Program

At Citi Stars there is a strong emphasis placed on match play. To ensure that everyone plays matches, one court is available specifically for this purpose. Since most of our students are tournament players, match play is a key component in developing one's game. On-court conditioning is a focus of Citi Stars as well. Too many players are poorly conditioned, which transates to a lack of mental toughness. To make sure players are fit, Citi Stars implements drills specific to improving one's explosiveness and endurance.

Our Facilities

Forest Hills

Citi Stars Tennis Academy

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